IT-Tage 2017
11. - 14.12.2017
Frankfurt am Main

Ralf Gebhardt


15:00 - 15:45

Raum Stratus 2



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[Engl. Session] In this talk you will learn about the latest features in MariaDB Server and MaxScale. In MariaDB Server 10.2, we will introduce:

  • SQL additions: window functions, common table expressions, check constraints, and administrative statements
  • Security enhancements, including enforced security options
  • Per user resource limitations and enhanced options for replication environments
  • Multi-trigger support, binary log based rollback, and MyRocks MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 is the newest release of the next-generation database proxy for the MariaDB and MySQL environment. New features in this release further enhance security, scalability, performance and ease of use of the database environments.

And you will learn about the following new features of MaxScale 2.1:

  • Security: binlog encryption, SSL, LDAP/GSSAPI, data masking, max row/size limits, and prepared statement/function filtering
  • Scalability: Aurora cluster monitor, multi-master and failover mode for MySQL Monitor, read-write splitting with master pinning
  • Performance: query cache filter, streaming Insert plugin
  • Ease of use: Dynamic configuration of firewall rule, dynamically add or remove servers, listeners, and monitors