IT-Tage 2019
09. – 12.12.2019
Frankfurt am Main

Martin Klier


14:30 - 15:15

Plateau 1



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We will look under the hood of a famous monolith: How does the Oracle Database really work? The RDBMS has to keep many promises to ensure consistent transactional operations. Most of them are found in the acronym "ACID". This talk explains, how the Oracle DBMS ensures that on a technical level. We will hear explanations to terms like A in Archivelog or Alert Log or ASM, H as in High Availability, M like Multitenant, R like Redo Log, S as in spfile, T like Tablespace, and U like Undo.

This talk is for everybody, who wants to know about Oracle base technology, explained in simple terms with lots of visualization, and is open for in-depth discussions!