•   Kai Wähner
  •   Mittwoch, 09. Dez 2020
  •   14:00 - 14:45
  •  Track 1
  • Session

Multi-cluster and cross-data center deployments of Apache Kafka have become the norm rather than an exception. This session gives an overview of several scenarios that may require multi-cluster solutions and discusses real-world examples with their specific requirements and trade-offs, including disaster recovery, aggregation for analytics, cloud migration, mission-critical stretched deployments and global Kafka.

Key takeaways: 

  • In many scenarios, one Kafka cluster is not enough. Understand different architectures and alternatives for multi-cluster deployments.
  • Zero data loss and high availability are two key requirements. Understand how to realize this, including tradeoffs.
  • Learn about features and limitations of Kafka for multi cluster deployments
  • Global Kafka and mission-critical multi-cluster deployments with zero data loss and high availability become the normal, not an exception.