•   Kai Wähner
  •   Dienstag, 08. Dez 2020
  •   10:00 - 10:45
  •  Track 3
  • Session

Apache Kafka became the de facto standard for microservice architectures. That also introduces new challenges like observability of the whole ecosystem.

This session explores the problems of distributed Microservices communication and how Kafka, Kubernetes and a Service Mesh like Istio address them. Learn some approaches for combining them to build a reliable and scalable microservice architecture with decoupled and secure microservices.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Apache Kafka is a reliable and scalable event streaming platform – much more than just a messaging solution
  • Service Mesh technology like Istio is a perfect complementary solution to decouple and secure distributed microservice communication
  • The combination of Kafka, Kubernetes and Istio allows to build scalable and reliable streaming microservices – without the limitations and disadvantages of traditional HTTP / REST microservice communication
  • Apache Kafka decouples services, including event streams and request-response
  • Kubernetes provides a cloud-native infrastructure for the Kafka ecosystem
  • Service Mesh helps with security and observability at ecosystem / organization scale
  • Envoy and Istio sit in the layer above Kafka and are orthogonal to the goals Kafka addresses