The space race between the USA and USSR was one of the great dramatic stories of the 20th century. Our very industry was born as Washington and Moscow relentlessly competed to master the stars. For space nuts like me, this era is utterly compelling. It’s also highly instructive for digital product developers. Engineers drove the innovation that pushed us beyond earth. The lessons they learned and processes they created can help us today as we make apps, sites, and software. Of course, the Soviet side of the story tends to be less understood. And that’s exactly what we’ll explore. It’s unbelievable stuff, and a cautionary tale for development teams.

What You'll Learn:

  • How differing philosophies lead to different processes and results.
  • What Soviet imperatives parallel modern development approaches.
  • Why the USSR led the space race early, but ultimately failed to reach the moon first.
  • What today’s dev leaders can learn, adapt, and avoid by heeding the lessons of the Soviet model.

This is a highly visual presentation. The images will knock attendees socks off...