Julia is a Global Black Belt – Developer Audience at Microsoft and GitHub, with a passion for full-stack development, DevOps, and Platform Engineering. She’s proficient in JavaScript, Kotlin, and Java, and is a strong advocate for clean code, robust architecture, and scalable cloud-native solutions. Beyond her technical skills, Julia is a problem solver and a lifelong learner. Her dedication to her craft is not just about meeting the standards, but about setting new ones. When you meet Julia at the conference, you’re meeting a dedicated professional who’s constantly pushing the boundaries of technology.


Mittwoch, 11. Dez 2024 | 10:00 - 10:45 | Orient

Ein (kurzer) Guide zu Platform Engineering mit Azure & GitHub

In diesem Talk werden wir uns mit Platform Engineering im Zusammenhang mit Azure und GitHub als zentraler DevOps-Plattform im Microsoft-Universum beschäftigen. >> Weiterlesen