Perry Krol is a Solutions Engineering Manager at Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka. His career has always revolved around architecting real-time distributed systems for enterprises across a variety of industries. From the early days of integrating packaged applications using EAI technologies that evolved into building SOA’s on top of an ESB, to turning insight into real-time actions with the help of Event Stream Processing and CEP frameworks, to exposing the capabilities of such systems as secure and managed APIs to wider business eco-systems. At Confluent, all his past experiences come together as he helps customers create real-time data-driven applications on the Apache Kafka streaming platform deployed and operated on-premises in the cloud and hybrid environments.


Kafka: How to set data in motion to implement your Data Mesh

In this session we will explore how the foundational principles for the Data Mesh paradigm can be supported by a Kafka-based event streaming architecture that is designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across the organization. >> Weiterlesen