Buchverlosung & Signierstunde

Ben Stopford ist Keynote-Sprecher auf den IT-Tagen 2018 und Buchautor von “Designing Event Driven Systems“. Eine Signierstunde findet am 12. Dezember, 10:45 Uhr (direkt nach seiner Keynote) am Ausstellungsstand von Confluent statt.

Gleichzeitig verlost unser Partner Confluent an seinem Stand jeden Tag 5 Exemplare von "Kafka: The Definitive Guide: Real-time data and stream processing at scale" (N. Narkhede, G. Shapira, T. Palino). Teilnahmekarten erhalten Sie am Confluent-Stand in unserer Ausstellung.

Ben Stopford


10:00 - 10:45



[Engl. Keynote] There was once a time when data had a pretty simple definition for most people: it was a row in a database table. That is no longer the case. Events for example represent data in motion: a fact that moves from one application to another.

In this talk we'll look at the future of the streaming platform, as it embodies this shift away from data at rest and towards data in motion. We'll explore the motivations for this change, what a streaming platform is, and finally look at use-cases that take this model of system design into the future.