IT-Tage 2021
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The EU increases its cooperation on cyber defence to strengthen its resilience to cyber-attacks through the EU Cybersecurity Act and certification of products, services or applications. To be as well prepared as possible against hacker attacks or the distribution of “fake news”, fake documents and information. Like a One Trillion Amazon refund or fake tax returns. The IT industry may use this mechanism to certify products like connected vehicles, government services or smart medical devices. Due to its platform independence, Java plays an important role, especially in web, cloud or enterprise environments. In addition the PSD2 regulation went into effect in 2019 to make payments more secure, boost innovation and help banking services adapt to new technologies.

This session introduces the DSS Framework and solutions based on it. DSS (Digital Signature Services) is a Java framework for the creation and validation of electronic signatures. DSS supports the creation and validation of interoperable and secure electronic signatures in accordance with European legislation, in particular the eIDAS Regulation, as well as IT standards like OASIS DSS. The framework may be used anywhere from embedded devices to desktop applications, like practice management software or services in the cloud wherever a JVM runs. It supports a variety of document formats like XML, PDF, Word, Plain Text or compressed archives, as well as various digital signatures, including XAdES, CAdES, PAdES or ASiC. DSS is used in many European countries for document exchange and security, e-health or e-government, with digital ID cards in more than a dozen countries across the European Economic Area. An overview of the DSS Framework is followed by a live demo, showing how different documents can be signed and their signature subsequently verified. Securing data exchange using standards like DICOM, HL7 to OCSI or PSD2 and XS2A.