Diese Session muss leider ausfallen! Wir versuchen, eine Aufnahme zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt nachzuliefern. Wir bitten um Verständnis.

Let me teach you everything I know! 

As a World Champion Baton Twirler, turned professional stunt woman, martial artist, and educator, I have seen the immense benefits that 30 years of training with various tools, weapons, and movement has gifted me. I'm talking about next Level expanded awareness, coordination, ambidexterity, problem-solving skills and so much more! Let me tell you that because of these intricate and highly coordinated pathways I have created, I can pick up choreography, new skills, new sports, or anything really, with confidence, speed, and ease. Because of these intricate and highly specific skills, I can do anything!

And you can too! 

I am so passionate about sharing these gifts with You! I want You to experience the confidence, knowledge, and awareness that I have discovered through Freestyle Staff Spinning.  



If you don’t have a Lightsaber, you can just use a Staff. Here’s a video on how to make one yourself.