Mesut Durukal is QA & Test Automation Manager at Siemens. He has a Bs & MsC degree from Boğaziçi University Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He has a 7 years’ experience in Defense Industry, working in Multinational projects serving as the Manager of Verification & Validation activities. He has then been working in Agile Software Testing projects for more than 3 years. He is acting as a Product Owner & E2E Test Automation Leader for the QA team. His expertise includes:

  • Project & QA Management
  • SDET
  • Machine Learning in Software Testing


4 Pillars of Successful Agile Test Automation

After executing a project to test a cloud-based microservices platform, we experienced a lot of challenges. The purpose of this talk is to give insights about how a test automation project is managed. >> Weiterlesen


How to ensure Testing Robustness in Continuous Testing Environments

As a daily activity, we are supposed to implement and automatically execute tests. At some point, we realized that we had additional tasks such as maintenance, refactoring and analysis of failing tests, which were blocking us from implementation stories. >> Weiterlesen


DevOps: Evolution & Future of Software Testing

DevOps and Testing: To provide insights about the growth of software testing. Starting from the early times, we will overview the big picture and finally discuss what we can face in the future. >> Weiterlesen