Founder and partner of truematter, a user experience strategy firm based in South Carolina, Dean has been creating user-centered digital products for 25 years. He oversees truematter’s UX practice, which specializes in defining, designing, and building complex, data-intensive, digital products. Dean has led strategic engagements for regional organizations as well as the Fortune 100. His expertise includes UX strategy & Design, user research and building UX-focused teams. He regularly speaks, writes, and teaches on these subjects. Dean is also an avid outdoorsman, ultra marathoner, reader, and adventure traveler.


What the Soviet Space Program Taught Me About Digital Product Development

The space race between the USA and USSR was one of the great dramatic stories of the 20th century. Our very industry was born as Washington and Moscow relentlessly competed to master the stars. For space nuts like me, this era is utterly compelling. >> Weiterlesen